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Classic Rush Wines

Rush Sparkling Wine, California NV

The Rush Sparkling is made from French colombard grapes using the Charmat, or cuvée close, method of producing sparkling wine. It displays a delicate, pale golden color with subtle green highlights, while an explosion of tiny bubbles releases an elegant bouquet of citrus, heliotrope, and baker’s yeast. On the palate, pure, streamlined flavors of lemon, peach, and soft honey lead to a slightly off-dry finish.

Rush Chardonnay, California ’11

The 2011 Rush Chardonnay is a blend of grapes from three different vineyard lots – one in Lodi, one in Monterey, and one in Mendocino. These vineyards were chosen because they historically produce excellent grapes and complement each other so well. The grapefruit flavors from the Mendocino grapes blend very well with the lemon zest notes from the Monterey grapes, complementing the pear and apricot taste of the Lodi chardonnay fruit. This wine boasts the acidity and excellent citrus and honey flavors that typify great chardonnay, as well a rich mouth-feel.

Rush Pinot Grigio, California NV

The Rush pinot grigio is pale champagne in color with tinges of green. On the nose, tropical aromas of mango flower and coconut are revealed. On the palate, more tropical fruit is balanced by a perfect acidity. The lingering finish is redolent of fresh-cut pineapple. Enjoy chilled as an apéritif. Available exclusively in Alabama.

Rush Pinot Noir, California ’11

For the Rush Pinot Noir, only vineyards that experienced an equal balance of extreme hot and extreme cold were chosen. Vineyards in Sonoma and Mendocino boasted these perfect weather conditions in 2010. Each block of each vineyard is walked to ensure that only the best fruit is used, berries of lesser quality being left for the bigger companies. The wine was fermented at low temperatures to slow the yeast down as it eats up the grape’s sugar. With a slow fermentation in tanks as tall as they are wide, the best possible extraction of the fruit is obtained and the fruit’s complex nose maintained. The wine saw 100% French oak to add some wood tannins and oak aroma, as well as to round out the wine’s mouth-feel.

Rush Cabernet Sauvignon, California ’11

The fruit for the newest release of the Rush Cabernet Sauvignon came from vineyards in Paso Robles and Lodi, the heart of cabernet country in California. The vineyards were chosen because, while they have the heat indicative of the appellations, they also have excellent soil structure and uniformity, yielding superior-quality grapes. The wine was fermented at cooler temperatures to maintain the aromas of strawberry and dried cherry and was put through a limited oak regime of French and American oak. By not pushing too much oak on the wine, the fruit is allowed to shine through. Cultivated since this vineyard’s inception, complex flavors and phenolics will continue to develop as the wine enhances in the bottle.

Rush “Ol’ Vine” Red, California NV

Brand new to the Alabama market, the Rush Ol’ Vine Red is a luscious zinfandel-based blend sourced from carefully selected vineyards in California. Zinfandel, petit verdot, petite sirah, and merlot make up the blend. The wine was partially aged in American and French oak for six to eight months. Heady aromas of ripe red fruit and spices are complemented by sweet raspberry and red currant flavors on a full-bodied palate. The whole is backed by soft tannins and a pleasant viscosity. Enjoy with barbecue, hamburgers, veggie burgers, pizza, and a variety of ethnic cuisine.