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Rush Wines
Welcome to Rush Wines

Rush Wines is a small, Birmingham-based distributor of limited-production wines from independently owned wineries around the world. Founded in August of 2002 by entrepreneur Rush Garner, Rush Wines seeks to promote wine awareness in Alabama by bringing some of the world’s finest wines to its local markets, as well as by introducing consumers to the people behind the wines. The company is also involved in the production of its own private-label series of wines, which embodies our focus on higher-quality, handcrafted wines made by small-scale, family-owned wineries. For additional information about Rush Cellars, please visit


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Rush Festival SeriesWe are excited to announce four new summer releases from Rush Cellars! The new Rush Festival series comprises a refreshing white blend and knockout red blend from California, packaged in party-size, 1.5-liter magnum bottles. Perfect for all your festivities, these budget-friendly wines an ideal complement to virtually any setting and any cuisine. Whether you tailgate on the Quad or on the Plains, no matter what tempting Southern fare you’re savoring, these delectable table wines are your go-to libation. Toast the start of college football season with the Rush Festival White and the Rush Festival Red!


Also new to Rush Cellars this summer are the Rush Dry Rosé from California's Central Coast and the Rush Bordeaux from the Entre-Deux-Mers region of France's legendary appellation. Yes, Rush Cellars ventured across the pond to produce the 2010 Rush Bordeaux, working with growers in the tiny hillside town of Monségur. Dominated by plantings of fragrant, juicy merlot, Monségur has traditionally blended its wine with intense cabernet sauvignon and inky cabernet franc. The 2010 Rush Bordeaux is a blend of 60% merlot, 30% cabernet sauvignon, and 10% cabernet franc. Aged in French oak barrels, this spectacular wine is soft, aromatic, and fruit-forward, with subtle amounts of tannin, oak, and alcohol.